GAP Year


What is the GO in Faith Gap-Year Program?

The GO in Faith Gap-YearApprenticeship program is to provide High School graduates with a short-term, full-time, real ministry experience. That is, they will be equipped both personally and professionally in character based servant leadership. It is our desire that each GAP Year student would leave with a better understanding of him or herself, have clear direction of God’s purpose for their life, and an action plan to fulfill that purpose.


The choice between college and the workplace is scary. With the rising costs of college tuitions, going in without a plan can be frustrating and expensive. That’s why a Gap Year is important. The GO in Faith Gap Year Program will give you the freedom to explore options, find your passions, and will focus on intentional education to leave prepared for any path.

Core Curriculums Include:

• Character and Leadership Development

• Biblical Studies and Worldview Formation

• Career Life Skills

• People/ Team Management Skills

• Personal Finances

• Healthy Relationships

• Practical Ministry Skills

The Ascent Program offers a variety of

ways to learn both inside the classroom and out.

Students will get the chance to learn during:

• Practicum time

• Self-directed study

• Lectures and discussions

• Bible Study Groups

Why Take A Gap Year?

More and more colleges and universities are supporting students who choose to forego college in favor of a Gap Year.Studies have shown that students who take a Gap Year benefit from:

Spiritual Growth

We believe that a vital and growing relationship with Jesus Christ is central to our lives. That is why the GO in Faith Gap Year Program is  focused on teaching Biblical principles, living in Christian Community, and encouraging involvement in the local church.

Gap Year students will have the chance to live and work in a Christian organization, have personal spiritual coaching, and be challenged in their beliefs through Christian literature and teaching.

Additional Information

Features of the GO in Faith Gap Year Program:

• Tuition based program

• Program duration January through November


• Must be at least 18 years old

• Must be able to lift, bend, and twist

• Able to communicate well

Apply Today!

Applications for the GO in Faith GapYear are available online or by calling our office at +27 82 959 0950